Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Thanks to Three

How lucky I was to win the IPhone at the end of the 6th National Digital Conference at Old Billingsgate last Thursday! Last year I tweeted and attended the conference virtually on the web. As a Race Online Digital Champion, this year I attended the conference in Real Life. My next posts will be about my experiences in starting to use a new Iphone4.
I have never used any Apple products, I do not "do" mobiles and I try to use one platform for each of my web applications. The IPhone has changed all that. It has been a steep learning curve. The first challenge was to get started and to get used to the new interface,"my fingers".
Even the Sim Card was a challenge as the little drawer where you put the Sim Card is now on the right hand side of the Iphone. More trouble because I have a 64-bit Windows computer and Apple users normally use 32-bit machines. I had to find a special version of ITunes which is the driver for my Iphone.
Every day now, I can plug the Iphone into the computer so that the Iphone is sychronised with my computer by using ITunes. So I have made a good start and Kenny from 3 has helped me to set up the free One-Plan that I won with the computer.
I can now use the telephone, I can use Skype and I have added another VoiceMail application called Viber. I ought to be OK but unfortunately, there is no 3G reception in my home. The Iphone will be fine when I am travelling but at home I will be using Wifi with Skype or Viber. I have made a good start and I look forward to many happy hours. I will blog about my further progress As Iphone4 says "IT HAS CHANGED EVERYTHING"!!"


chris said...

I was watching the conference remotely (again) and I saw you win the phone and was overjoyed it had gone to such a great person. Enjoy it!
I hope you manage to tweet from the Rural Broadband Summit to us if they don't manage to livestream it, the phone will keep you in touch with us all when you are away from home. Its great technology. When it can get a signal... as you say, signals are very limited in some areas.
Look forward to hearing more about your adventures. I use viber too, saves me a fortune in mobile charges.
Have you had a little go with bambusa or viddy yet?

Silverwaver said...

I received good news and bad news yesterday about the Broadband Summit.There will be a webcast but it will only be available after the meeting has finished. As the meeting will be in County Hall, wifi will not be available for visitors and so I will have to go outside to Starbucks in order to tweet.