Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Do I work at home?

As a consultant, I am involved in several projects, where social media are used within an online community. One of these is Begrand, a website, supported by the government for grandparents, where I am on the Advisory Board. In the picture, I had just met the Green Goddess, Diana Moran on the Begrand stand at the Retirement Show. She invited me to join one of her exercise classes.
Begrand use their own website building tools and so they are quickly able to respond to my suggestions to adapt their website. This is rewarding work. Recently, I suggested that grandparents need more help to know the meanings of the headings on the Main Menu. Now when you hover over the icons with your mouse, there is help for you to decide whether to click or not. I find this rewarding work. For some of this work, I can manage with the broadband speeds that I get at home but there are no chat rooms, no video conferencing and no videos to help members to use the site. Begrand are unable expect that their users to get a speed that is sufficient for such applications and they are reluctant to add goodies that cannot be used by most of their members.


LadyBizBiz said...

Hi it BizGodmother here,

I just wanted to say that having read your tweet about the #u3a silver-surfers I wanted to offer any help I can.

If your group would like to connect with me on #Twitter I will help them to understand the basics.

I write about it quite often in my timeline and I also blog about it too.

My business is to help micro-businesses and small organisations understand how using IT and social media can assist their businesses into growth.

My parallel ID is @LadyBizBiz and if you are interested my blog is here: www.vainwales.com

Warmest wishes,

silverwaver said...

Thank you for your offer Rhianne. I understand that the U3A are thinking about my ideas.