Tuesday, November 4, 2008

No. 12 Google Docs - Sharing Documents

Here l have changed my choice of my favourite site for the sharing of documents. I have been trying to choose between Google Docs, which seems to be designed for managing your documents and Office Live, which seems to be designed for Work Groups. As elsewhere, Google is competing with Microsoft for the market in social sites and I think that Google are in the lead at present. I have also considered a site called Zoho, which I had found useful to share the draft of a book and emphases the advantages for businesses of working on line.
I have chosen Google Docs because it is easier to use and it shares features with my other Google sites. It is no disadvantage that at present you have to upload your documents one at a time and sort them out into folders. It is great that you can work off line and then your online document is automatically updated. It is great that you can insert hotlinks to other web pages and elsewhere as well as email links.
The Google Documents are in a special Google format but wordprocessing documents, spreadsheets and PDFs can all be loaded in and saved again. I also am looking forward to exploring the use of "google forms".
You can see this document loaded on line in my Google Docs and you can move in and out of it using the hotlinks. I set new pages to "open in a new window" so that you can get back to the original document more easily. Hotlinks are not popular in the business world because all the web sites are designed to make sure that you stay on the original site. It is good if you browse and wander into other sites as long as you return to mine. As well as using Google Docs in order to share my documents with "the world", I want to use Google Docs in my small workgroups and to store my private collection of presentations that I do not want to share with everyone.

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