Sunday, October 5, 2008

No.4 Blogger - Sharing thoughts

Blog sites provide a personal space for people to write. My own blog has been a sort of note book for web surfers rather than a personal diary. As you know, I have been using my blogs, My First Blog and the Broadband Revolution in order to help me plan talks and this talk is also being recorded in my blog. Sometimes I change my earlier posts in order to keep them up to date. I was very pleased to find that you can find my blog by typing “thebroadbandrevolution” (all one word) into Google and then my blog will open up when you click on I’m feeling lucky. Blogger is linked to other Google sites and so I can sign in to them all in the same way. A blog is a social web site because anyone in the world can access a blog and add comments.
Reading the Lady, the other day, (I’ll read that again) I was especially impressed by Blaugustine, the blog of Augustine, the alter ego of the writer Natalie d’Arbeloff, which she now publishes on her own web site. She gets many comments from readers. She says that she did not begin her cyber journey until 2001 and now includes satirical comic strips, paintings, photos, video and an ongoing illustrated autobiography in her blog which has won a national competition. Perhaps it is the most notable feature of a good computer application that it brings together in one parcel all sorts of different things that you didn’t realise were related. Sometimes this is called “convergence”.

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