Wednesday, October 8, 2008

No.7 Delicious - Sharing Websites

Delicious is a social web site for sharing web sites and web pages.
Like many surfers, unless I can find the web page that I want in two or three clicks I often do not bother. I have tried to make it as easier to find web pages on my home computer. Many computers use the Google site as their home page and this gives good access to many web pages. Even better, Google Desktop helps you to find the pages that you have visited before. I will try to demonstrate this on the club computer, although it is not as friendly as my home computer.
I use a three-pronged approach . Firstly I have a home page with six tabs, The home page of the Betaplus Club site is my first tab. I keep an eye on my mail on line as I need to look at the Spam there on most days in case I have missed any messages and so I have tabs for BT Yahoo Mail and Google Mail I have my three web sites which I also advertise as a signature in my emails. They are pictures on Picasaweb, my blogs on Blogger and my family history research at Tribal Pages. I am often multitasking so that when I am on line, I move between these six sites, sometimes cutting and pasting between them as they are all sites where I will be putting in some information.
Secondly I have a Favourites Bar on Internet Explorer. On Internet Explorer 8 the Links bar in Favourites has been renamed and it is now easier to control. You will see that I have ten folders there, but I have also added a folder for today’s lecture called Social Websites and a folder called Home. This means that I can export my Favourites so that they can be used as Bookmarks on another computer.
Bookmarks are favourite sites that can be held on line and so can be used when you are travelling around or can be shared with other people. Thirdly I am using the Delicious site to hold bookmarks. The advantage of using Delicious are that you can use Tags to help you find my favourite sites more easily. For example, if I use my favourites bar to find a crossword site, I need to look in my folder Games and I sometimes forget which folder to search. On Delicious, I can search Geoffrey’s Bookmarks using a search box, but I can also use one of the 60 or so tags to get there more quickly.
You may be wondering if you have the energy or interest to set up your tags. You would be able to share my bookmarks and so they will all have tags. They will enable you to find all the Betaplus links, tagged as betaplus, tagged with the headings on the Betaplus links page and tagged in other ways as well. Let us see if we can find my talk today using Delicious.

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