Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Sally's Antarctic Blog

As we travelled down the Antarctic Peninsula, we heard that there was a BBC South crew on a ship in the Antarctic. They had joined a Royal Naval ice survey ship, HMS Endurance. We had been watching a film about what was perhaps the greatest survival story of all time, the 1915 story of the British explorer Ernest Shackleton who managed to escape in a lifeboat, when his ship also called the Endurance broke up in the ice. We had been sailing near Elephant Island in the north of the peninsula.

I did not make any posts on my blog site while we were in the Antarctic as we had very limited Internet facilities. However it was very interesting to find Sally's Antarctic Blog and to see what can be done with the support of the BBC. Sally had to make her broadcasts. There was a personal touch in her blog as she wrote "Another successful live broadcast into South Today … what a relief!"

Sally had to land on an iceberg with her cameraman to take her pictures. In the picture above it is just possible to see them on the iceberg. In Sally's Antarctic Blog, you will be able to see more pictures including an enlarged one, which shows how enormous the iceberg was. You will also find some 60 pictures on the BBC South site.

I have managed to post some 20 pictures on my site and I hope that I will be able to add some further pictures from others on the Professor Molchanov with our party. The BBC blog provides a good model to aim at. In the Professor Molchanov we travelled further south and crossed the Antarctic Circle and of course we saw a Ross Seal. (as it jumped off the icefloe)