Saturday, November 27, 2010

Why I want Next Generation Access (NGA) Broadband?

I attended the Penrith & the Border Broadband Conference two months ago and I now understand why we also need faster (NGA) here in West Sussex. I have a speed of 2-3 MB (download) and I thought that I was doing quite well. This may be OK for an enthusiast like me but it is not good enough to convince others in my community; for them it must be easier and even more exciting before they understand why we need speeds up to 100Mb (NGA) now. My reasons for NGA are as follows:
For the Family. Did you see the BBC video about the launch of Virgin Media? My 13 year old neighbour tells me that it is OK when he is on line alone but no use when the rest of the family are on line and want to multitask.
For Consultations. Telemedicine is developing fast in rural areas and in most medical consultation you are not touched. But why not other sorts of consultation on line?
For Video Conferencing Many of us are excited about Skype because you can see who you are talking to. I want to look around the room, share photos and videos as we talk and invite other members of the family to join in. Video Conferencing will also transform talks and lectures in all sorts of ways.
For my Old Age. As I watch people get older, they do less. I really can look forward to doing as much as before as long as I can keep up with the each new opportunity.
But there is a Fifth Reason and I don't know what this is. Some people call this the Killer App and others suggest that this is just Social Media. All the time there are new opportunities. Did I ever imagine a month ago that I would be publishing a Newsletter called the Broadband Revolution every day with hundreds of the latest articles about Broadband? And you can just click and read it!! Or that in one click you can find My Favourite NGA Websites to find out about Next Generation Broadband (tagged "nov910" in Delicious)


chris said...

Have you seen the latest news from Ashby and Digby? they have now got 100megabit fibre...

Anonymous said...

Big question is what speed is needed and how it can be provided at an economicaL cost to all.

Silverwaver said...

Thanks Some pictures of Ashby de la Launde in Lincs are now among my favourites