Thursday, November 6, 2008

Social Web Sites - A pause for comment

This is my fortieth post and it is time to draw breath. My last fourteen posts have all been about social web sites. When I began writing about social web sites, I did not know where I was going. I was being buffeted along by all the web providers, Google, Microsoft, BT etc, who all want to sell us their services.

Now I am a bit clearer. Social web sites are all sites for sharing things. We all have to make decisions about what we may want to share. There are some cautionary tales about Facebook and other social web sites where people have begun to share more than they intended.

My ideas are evolving as I talk to people on and off the web. One friend of mine asks "Why should I want to share any information on the web" What you share will be a personal decision but it is worth looking at some of the new opportunities. You might begin by considering if you would like to share your rubbish as in Freecycle.

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