Saturday, January 20, 2007

Broadband and Taking Photos

I have been taking photos for most of my life, firstly with a box camera, then with coloured slides and some four years ago I began to use a digital camera.

I will never attain the skills and understanding of some of my friends in the local camera club. I do not have the patience to use Adobe Elements in order to manipulate my digital photos pixel by pixel.

However I have made some exciting progress this year using Broadband and I am now able to share my photos with friends and relatives. You can see my albums on line on Picasaweb at

I use the free progam Picasa so that I can rearrange and manipulate all my pictures at the same time. Picasa (Picture House!!) is a wonderful program. I have talked to noone who is disappointed with it, although it only manipulates the picture as a whole cropping, brightening, tinting etc but not changing any individual pixels. All my pictures are saved as JPEGS and those that I have changed in any way are accompanied by a file which remembers how they have been changed.

But my most exciting achievement is that I have now loaded my best pictures on Picasaweb. This is completely free and there is enormous capacity for photos but the best thing is that if you have an up to date version of Windows you can view all my albums as full screen slide shows. On Picasaweb my pictures have been reduced so that there is only the information needed to fill a screen of 1024 by 768.

I have also loaded pictures on the Kodak Easyshare Gallery. Here my pictures retain all the information that I have recorded and are therefore ready for printing. Pictures can easily be printed as a 4" by 6" print and some that can also be enlarged if necessary. Prints usually arrive the next day and cost less than 15p each. My pictures can also be shared with my relatives.

Even the Consumer Magazine Which does not yet seem to have caught up with the wonders of Google. I am still exploring this wonderful new world. I would be pleased to hear about any other systems that my readers are using.

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